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It's all about community


Real Women Go Live is a group of {LIVElies} women who are on a mission.  Women who inspire share and connect with one another. 


I love to teach, help and Serve Others

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 Over and over again while attending events and networking groups, I would cross paths with people who were feeling socially uneasy, and filled with FEAR!  During these events I found myself teaching them how to solve social media concerns on the spot, even as we were making our way to the parking lot to go home!   More and more often, I would hear them ask “can I pay you to teach me what you know?”  The people I served wanted to hire me!   And as I helped them, they helped me right back! 

I discovered talents and gifts I felt compelled to share with the world, especially my knowledge of social media and my love for video.  I’d always assumed that everyone knew what I knew.  My assumptions were totally wrong and there were plenty of people I could help.

The #RealWomenGoLive Movement began in 2015.

 I expanded my products-based business to include my services.  I've served clients around the globe that included small business owners, speakers, coaches, and teachers.  


As the Positivity Practitioner, I listen to what others say.  I help them create what they need to grow an audience that loves them, collaborates with them, hires them, and buys from them! 

This surge of creativity and development allows my clients to have more eyeballs on their business!  

My methods may be simple, affordable, and fun; but don’t let that distract you from my expertise in social strategy.  My remedies include teaching the powerful and influential platforms using LIVE video! 

Today I offer workshops both Live and Virtual.  I also provide help as a Video Pro Consultant.

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