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Keep reading and scrolling you will see and hear almost 1000 recordings!

"Some things are meant to be taken in small doses'




I know you’ve heard the name “Amazon” and some of you might even know “Alexa!”  

 I have an Alexa Device in almost every room of my home!  Alexa can do things like play music, tell you the weather, and even tell you an inspiring quote!

 I bet you’ve never heard of an “Alexa Flash Briefing, right?


Truth is.  I’m into everything technology-related, social media,  apps, and all of it!  I especially love Audible books and I never imagined I would be recording one myself!  In general, I’ve become an early adopter of whatever new “thing” comes out.  I also have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and usually jump on the bandwagon because I am a bit impulsive, did I just say that? Yes, I did.  It’s a good thing today I call it my superpower!


Several years ago  I had heard through a friend about this new thing called an Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing. 


A Flash Briefing refers to a short audio clip, usually a minute to 3 minutes in length, that's played by Alexa-powered devices, such as an Amazon Echo. Think of flash briefings as a shorter version of a podcast-type audio experience.


I was very curious so I did some research and listened to a few flash briefings that others created about all kinds of topics.


Then I thought to myself how can I use my voice and knowledge to create one?  What could I possibly talk about?  Where would I get my content from?  Would I have enough content to create one every day of the week?  


Then it hit me!  What’s that thing?  What am I am all about?  “POSITIVE ENERGY” I shouted in my head!

 What do I do every day in my morning routine?   I Meditate and journal in silence.  BINGO!


This is it I thought, I will create  “A dose of Positive Energy” that will be my flash briefing!

On that day back in December 2017, I recorded my first one, and to date, I have not missed one day! 


Every day I use what inspires me during my quiet time, a story, a reading, and a quote.

Then I read it out loud and record it.  Magically it appears on Amazon and the world now has access to it!  


My mantra for years has been this “You never know how or when you might touch another life” 

Most times you will probably never know who might even be listening.   But there are times when some of those people reach out to you and let you know they heard you!  These are the messages, words, and testimonials from strangers that are the fuel that energizes me to keep my mission going and grow it even bigger with the women I call my POSITIVE SPIRITS.

The Podcast/Flash Briefing ended on 12/20 and it was the inspiration for my book titled "A dose of Positive Energy!"

The book project began officially in February 2020 and I am proud to announce the launch of my book on 02/22/22 

Below you will find a collection of 1000+ episodes that I have created and produced that have appeared on Apple iTunes, Spotify, and many other Podcast platforms!

How it all began....

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