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all About Me!

"Life is like a playground

if you're not having Fun

you're not doing it right"


"what you think, you become.

what you feel,

you attract.

what you imagine, you create.'


Hey there!

I'm Sandra



My name Sandra actually means helper, defender of mankind, brave. 

I describe myself in 3 words, I call it the Power of 3! 

  • Fun  

  • Energetic 

  • Creative


Over the past two decades, I've proudly lived by my mantra,

"You never know how or when you might touch another life."


My life's path has been somewhat like the yellow brick road from the Wizard of Oz.

​In the movie, the characters all seek external magic to give them qualities they already possess but fail to recognize.

Since 1991, I’ve been connected to the internet...  I can even remember dialing into AOL!  I was also the first "cool mom" to have a Facebook Profile!  Today I am still fascinated with everything Social Media related, especially video and podcasting!

​When a new platform was launching,  I was on it!  I admit that I might have been a bit impulsive! Today I know that having ADHD played a big factor.  I had a severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and thought that I had to do it all and know it all!  

​Where I've been...

In 2015 I hit the button that says GO LIVE and my life and business received a huge boost, moving everything in a whole new direction, one that I would have never imagined.

I was a  50 something-year-old woman not someone you would expect to see on an app called Snapchat!  That's right, you heard me.  The truth is, when I first started posting on Snapchat, I had no audience.  It was a bit terrifying and against the wishes of my two Millennial daughters who told me to stick to Facebook! 


As I told stories, people starting watching and telling their friends about me. I began growing an organic audience of people from around the globe. Today I call  them my “Livelies."  My live streaming journey has been filled with connections, collaborations, clients, and customers… That's the truth.

I believed a lie for several years. I had always assumed that everyone knew what I knew. I was so wrong.  I had the talent and skills that I could have taught others all along. Things I learned and mastered about Live video and Podcasting.

​Where I'm going...

The lesson I learned is that when we bring our words to life we make instant connections and that's where the magic happens! 


​Glinda from Oz sums it up: 

"You've always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.

​People ask me all the time:  "what brings you a genuine sense of purpose and fulfillment?"

My answer: Serving others.

​I have been doing it all along, except now I see it all so much more clearly. 

​Everywhere I've been and everything I've learned makes me who I am today. 

​I'm here to connect, share, and inspire.

To serve others using my natural gifts and talents, I call them my Superpowers.

Today, I am proud to call myself an "Author" I have created my first Book and Audible titled "A dose of Positive Energy" and I hope that this will be the first of many!


9 Things ...

you might not know about me!

  • I was the captain of my soccer team.

  • My nickname throughout school years was "Yaca" (as in talk a lot)

  • I was an extra in a few real-life Movies filmed in Connecticut and eligible for a SAG membership!

  • I have sat in the audience of 20 Talk Shows!

  • I threw the ceremonial pitch out at the Red Sox Game with my daughters.

  • My Mini-Schnauzer Scooty and I are Pet Partners Certified as a Dog Therapy Team.

  • I was diagnosed with ADHD at 57!

  • I have meditated every day for almost 5 straight years!

  • I've created almost 1000 recordings of my Podcast every day without missing a day! 

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