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You've undoubtedly heard of "Amazon," and some of you may even be familiar with "Alexa!" My home is filled with Alexa devices, each one a little assistant capable of playing music, providing weather updates, and even sharing an inspirational quote!

Perhaps the term "Alexa Flash Briefing" is new to you. As someone passionate about technology, social media, apps, and everything in between, I have a penchant for being an early adopter of the latest innovations. I even have an Audible book to my name, something I never foresaw! My fear of missing out (FOMO) often prompts me to explore new trends, which I've come to view as a superpower rather than an impulse.

Several years ago, I learned about an Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing. It's a brief audio clip, usually lasting from one to three minutes, played on Alexa-powered devices like the Amazon Echo. It's akin to a condensed podcast. After sampling a few flash briefings on various topics, I wondered, could I create my own? What would I discuss, and where would I find content?

Suddenly, it clicked. I'm all about radiating "POSITIVE ENERGY." My daily routine of meditation and journaling in solitude sparked the idea for my Flash Briefing, "A Dose of Positive Energy." I started recording in December 2017 and recored 1000 days in a row without missing a day!


Each day, I transform the inspiration I glean from my quiet time into a story, reading, or quote, and share it with the world through Amazon.

My long-standing mantra, "You never know how or when you might touch another life," is a testament to the power of positive energy. Most times, you won't know who's listening, but occasionally, some listeners reach out. Their messages and testimonials, from people I've never met, fuel my mission to spread positivity.

My Flash Briefing, which concluded on December 20th 2020 served as the inspiration for my book "A Dose of Positive Energy!" Since February 2020, I've been working on the book, which launched on February 22nd, 2022!

Below, you'll find a compilation of over 1000 episodes that I created and produced, which have been featured on Apple iTunes, Spotify, and various other podcast platforms. I hope they bring you the same joy and positivity they brought me when creating them.

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